Roofing Costs

Australian Roofing Costs

What Are Costs Are the Costs For Roofing in Australia?

Roofing is among the major things that must be considered very well when it comes to buildings. Failure to have a good roof may lead to undesired things that may be caused by various weather conditions. It is therefore very important to have wide knowledge concerning roofing to ensure that your building will be firm without any weather conditions interfering with it. However, different forms of roofing incur different costs.

The major types of roofing include tiled roofing, re-roofing, roof repairing, new roofing and metal roofing. The following are detailed types of roofing with their respective costs.

New Roofing and Re-roofing Costs

Generally, the cost of new roofing and re-roofing is almost the same but it depends on the materials used as well as labor. The roofing products are the one that determines the cost. The manufacturer of the products needs the contractor to use more than their shingles. You should insist for Water Shield and Grace Ice and have them installed in the lower edges of the roof so as to protect against the leaks and ice dams. Other materials used in roofing include lead for the chimney, skylight flashing kits, step flashing, vent pipe flanges and drip edge.

The cost of the roofing materials ranges from $ 140 – $165 per 100 square feet while the cost of labor ranges from $ 150 to $270 per 100 square feet.

The roofing labor depends on the following

  • Pitch of the roof
  • Height of the home
  • Home design
  • Layers of tiles
  • Size and experience
  • Soffit vent and decking

Roof Repair Costs

The roof repair cost varies from one company to another. This mostly depends on the services offered by the company. However, many people opt for the cheap repair costs offered by the smaller companies. The truth is that for you to get good service you should be ready to pay for that and obviously this will be a bit expensive.

The cost may vary from $ 500 up to even $ 3 200, it all depends with the kind of service you want.

Metal Roofing Costs

When it comes to metal roofing, there are various factors you should consider. The cost of metal roofing is usually computed per every square foot. The professional installers calculate the total area which the users need.

A moderate roof pitch may cost around $ 4.50 per every square foot.

Tiled Roofing Cost

Tile roofing is a bit expensive than other methods of roofing. This is because the tiles used as well as the labor incurred is usually very expensive. The professional carrying out this work also needs to be experienced in such type of roofing for him to deliver good service. Different contractors may charge you differently depending on their experience and the quality of their services.

The cost of tiled roofing depends on the following:

  • Labor incurred
  • The area of the roof
  • The cost of buying tiles
  • The experience of the contractor
  • Design of the home

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, roofing costs are very different and it depends on the kind of roofing you are doing. You can use the above information to estimate the cost you will incur when roofing your house.