Metal Roofing Options in Australia

Australian Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing in Australia

Due to the Australian weather, it’s important to find roofing materials capable of withstanding the country’s climate while still providing homeowners with sufficient protection and comfort against the elements. Currently, one of the most popular roofing options in Australia is metal, for the simple reason that they’re cheap, durable, and thermally efficient.

Following are the most common metal roofing options in Australia:

Zinc Plated Steel

Also known as galvanized steel, this was very popular during the 70s but was gradually replaced by another type. Hence, it’s hard to find this available and in most cases, contractors discourage homeowners from using this unless absolutely necessary.

Zincalume Steel

Tthis is a combination of zinc and aluminum, an improvement over the zinc plated steel. The main advantage of this product over the previous one is its anti-corrosion property, allowing for longer lasting life. Note though that it can get very hot under the Australian sun, which is why it is best used for homes with high ceilings.

Sea Side Grate Steel

A special type of roofing material, this is often used for homes located up to 300 meters of the sea.

Colobond Steel

This is currently the standard metal roofing for many Australian homes. A combination of zinc and aluminum with added protective coating, the roofing is meant to last for 100 years with proper maintenance. It also weights little and is weather efficient.

Stainless Steel Colobond

This type of Colobond is popular among industrial buildings due to its extreme durability, capable of withstanding harsh exposure to industrial-type elements. The fact that it is expensive means that the product can only be used for commercial purposes.

Transparent and Semi Transparent Roofing – although not exactly metal, they are often used together with steel or other forms of metal for roof installation. They aren’t often used from residential homes but popular in specific circles due to their “transparent” value.

Benefits of Metal Versus Tiled Roofing

Australians also have the option of using tiled roofing, but many are steering clear of this option. Not really surprising considering the many advantages of metal over tiles. Following are just some of the pros of metal as opposed to other roofing materials:

  • Incredibly easy to install, metal roofs are specifically manufactured to ensure that it only takes a small amount of time to accomplish replacement.
  • Durable, this roofing material can outlast a generation with proper maintenance.
  • Most roofing options are weather-efficient. Colobond Steel for example cools down quickly during hot summer months but capable of retaining heat during cold winters.
  • Compared to tile roofing, metal is easier to maintain.
  • Price-wise, metal roofing is more affordable not just during initial installation but throughout its life.
  • The metal is capable of resisting hail or any high-impact object hitting the roof – unlike tiles which are easy to shatter.
  • Most metal roofing is covered by an extensive warranty, spanning 25 years and 12 years of guarantee against flaking or chipping.


Designs for metal roofing are extensive, allowing you to choose the best colors that fit your home’s design and structure. This way, you can recreate a ‘design’ without spending more on the project.

How to Find a Roofing Contractor

Metal Roofing Contractors

Finding good roofing contractors in Queensland, Australia takes some time, especially if you want your roof done correctly. Thanks to the internet however, the time it takes to find can be shortened significantly. One thing to remember when choosing a roofing contractor is the company license and adherence to Australian roofing law. Seek out licenses and try to find out how long they’ve been in operation. A long-standing roofing company usually offers better quality service and employs the best in the field. Ask for a quote first and ascertain what a contract with them entails. For example, do they carry any liability insurance and what happens if they go beyond the agreed days of installation? Lastly, ask for references. This would be your way of ensuring that the company follows good business ethics and can deliver on their promises. Referrals from people you know would also help.


To wrap it up, getting a new metal roof is a great investment, but make sure you do your research and find the best solution for your property. Considering the impact of the roof in your home’s livability and design, being extremely careful with your choices is crucial.

Find out what kind of roofing material fits your needs best and consult professionals you can trust.