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Roofing Company Licenses

Licenses Required By Roofing Contractors In Australia

Roofing is one of the most important building and construction tasks and it’s necessary for the service providers to obtain the necessary licenses. The task calls for skills and expertise to ensure that the installation of the roof is done perfectly well without compromising the safety of the people who live in the building. Roofing is mainly done using metal sheets or tiles, whichever suits the needs of a building owner. To ensure that they deliver a quality of service that meets prescribed standards, roofing contractors in Australia are required by law to obtain relevant licenses.

Required Licenses

Due to the fact that different skill sets are required to install a roof, different regions in Australia require contracting companies to have various types of licenses. The different types of roofing licenses that are issued in Australia and below are common roofing licenses per region.

Licenses for New South Wales Region

In this region, contractors can obtain their roofing licenses from Fair Trading. Different types of roofs for those who want to do roof plumbing, roof tiling and roof slating are on offer. Roofing companies located in New South Wales can install skylights and ventilation units which are manufactured from the materials which they use for their roof installation.

Licenses for Victoria Region

The Victorian Building Commission is the body that is mandated by law to issue roofing licenses to roofing contractors who meet the right qualifications. All contractors who intent to carry out tasks that are valued at more than $5000 are required to obtain these licenses.

However, three classes of builders are considered in Victoria region and they include:

  1. Domestic Builder Unlimited
  2. Domestic Builder-Limited
  3. Domestic-Builder Manager

Licenses in Queensland

Roofing licenses in Queensland are issued by the Queensland Building& Construction Commission. Two classes of general licenses are issued which include: nominee supervisor and trade contractor. Any person or company that works on roofing tasks valued more than $3,300 should obtain the necessary licenses. However, its a requirement that a roofing contractor holds one or both of the following licenses: roof tiling and roof and wall cladding respectively.

Licenses in South Australia

The Consumer & Business Services managed building trades in South Australia. Other than the building license for the company, the supervisors should also hold supervisory licenses.

Licenses in Western Australia

The Building Commission which is part of the Commerce department is mandated to issue licenses to building contractors. There are two kinds of licenses for roofing projects which cost more than $20,000 and one of these licenses is mandatory:

  • A practitioner’s license which authorizes the holder to do supervision of building works.
  • A contractor’s license which authorizes the holder to enter into contracts with subcontractors.


Depending on where you live in Australia, there are different types of roofing licenses that are offered. The roofing company licensing requirements vary from one state or region to another. It is highly advisable that a company offers services in a line which it has been licensed to.